Nurses charting with WOW’s in a 24/7 environment need on-board power.

A recent innovation is “hot-swap”. Small, removable, batteries are mounted to the cart and can be swapped out in a matter of seconds, like swapping batteries on a power drill or lawn accessory. With the Anton Bauer system, an interface device provides continuous power to the cart for up to two minutes. Your computer never shuts down.

Doctors at a large eye clinic wanted to use two computer monitors with a keyboard while conducting exams and procedures. At no charge, we provided both a wall-mounted articulating arm option and a mobile option for their evaluation. Because the doctors approach the patient from both sides of the exam chair, they chose the mobile solution.

Should positively affect patient experience and infection control...

Our two niches at Page Concepts, Inc., IT-related tech furniture for hospitals, and control room consoles, are not areas you want to self-install and neither should you entrust the installation to those unfamiliar with the applications and products. Not only do we have years of experience, but we understand “the big picture” – we know what executives and outside inspectors are looking for – we know there are big dollars involved in employee safety, patient satisfaction, and employee morale, - and we know the feeling of pride we get every time we complete a project, on time, that exceeds the customer’s expectations.

An employee at a major healthcare facility needed an effortless sit/stand solution while recovering from abdominal surgery. The devices she uses included a telephone system, an all-in-one zero-client monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse.

We go to your facility or construction site to accompany project managers, nurses, facilities managers, and IT personnel to assist in determining the best mounting solutions and the optimum location for each room. In hospital patient rooms, for example, locations

Most Ergotron and GCX products we sell and install have moving parts. Moving parts are subject to the need for adjustment. Sometimes, an act of nature or happenstance causes something to break. Eventually some parts may wear out.

EMR WOW’s – Powered Medical Computer Carts

A hospital customer presented to us a need for a lightweight nurses’ cart to accommodate an all-in-one zero client computer monitor, worksurface, drawer,  storage bin, handle, scanner mount, keyboard tray, and mouse holder.  On-board power would be required for occasional trips of 1-2 hours to other floors of the hospital. Weight was a major consideration as they had concern about the health, safety and productivity of their nurses.

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