One of our customers wanted to organize the Chiller Control Room at their Physical Plant. Page Concepts, Inc. was asked to find a mounting solution for 6 monitors above an existing counter top.

We started with slatwall sections from EDP Contour, which we secured to the wall.

We then used Chief Kontour (not to be confused with EDP Contour) articulating monitor arms with slatwall attachment clamps.

The arms can easily be slid left or right along the slatwall, and of course additional Kontour or Ergotron arms can be added.

The photo above right was taken before managing cables and adjusting monitors to desired height and angle. The Chief and Ergotron articulating monitor arms move up, down, left, right, in, out, tilt, and rotate simply by moving the monitor where you want it.

No levers or knobs are involved. The arm tension is adjusted to the weight of the monitor so that it “floats” just where you want it.

For a separate room with limited space, a monitor needed to be used immediately alongside a cabinet. An Ergotron vertical track spreads the load over a large portion of the wall. An Ergotron LX mount allows the user to position the monitor completely out of the way when not in use.

Control Room Gallery

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