Ascend Console by Winsted is Height Adjustable

In this control room, a 72”W Winsted Ascend Console moves up and down with the flip of a switch with 7 large monitors on board. Each monitor mounts to a Chief articulating arm for individual adjustment.

Video: Ascend Console

Ergotron 24-390-026 WorkFit-S With Suspended Keyboard

This Ergotron Sit/Stand solution is one of many offerings that allow the user to sit or stand without the use of levers or buttons. The mount is easily set for the weight of your monitor and keyboard, allowing it to float above your desktop. With almost no effort, you can push the arm upward; without slightly more effort you can push the arm downward. It remains in the new position without “drooping”.

Video: Ergotron 24-390-026


Sit/Stand Gallery

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