Ergotron Sit/Stand Solution

For Monitor, Keyboard, and Telephone System

An employee at a major healthcare facility needed an effortless sit/stand solution while recovering from abdominal surgery. The devices she uses included a telephone system, an all-in-one zero-client monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse.

The transition from sitting to standing must be nearly instantaneous to avoid the awkwardness of answering a call while waiting for an electric or crank-operated lift to complete its cycle. We used readily available Ergotron components from our warehouse to create what we think is an excellent solution.

blog telephone system with swing out mouse trayWe used an Ergotron 24-392-026 Dual-Monitor WorkFit A with patented Constant Force™ technology sized for the specific weight range of two monitors plus accessories. We replaced the dual monitor feature with a single monitor kit, Ergotron 97-60. Later, we added a slide-out mouse holder to provide more space by the keyboard. With this configuration, we have a chassis with a counter-balanced Constant Force™ lift designed for the required weight.

The user now positions her devices with a light touch. No levers or knobs are involved.

This solution not only allows for use while sitting or standing, but moves left and right, forward and back, and pivots. Also of importance, the monitor can be adjusted up and down independently of the keyboard if necessary.

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