Command center consoles for security, power plants, process control, pipeline control, oilfield drilling observation, and other applications where an array of monitors needs to be viewed 24/7, must meet tough requirements for ergonomics, durability, and functionality. The importance of having cables, CPU’s, and other non-interactive devices well managed and out of sight but easily accessible cannot be overemphasized.

In my years of experience I have come to understand how frequently command centers are the featured gems on tours of corporate America. Decades ago, a CEO could show his board members the computer center to illustrate the forward thinking culture of the company. Flashing lights, the chatter of high speed printers, the whir of tape drives and dozens of people interacting with the mainframe computer assured all witnesses that this company was “on board” with the latest technology. Today’s computer centers, a field of server cabinets, fail to project such a message.

Command centers, however, with reduced lighting, little sound, only a few people seated in state-of-the-art ergonomic high-back chairs, a “neat-as-a-pin” look, and a dazzling array of monitors, some on articulating arms, some on a video wall, make a major statement. Customers, inspectors, board members, investors, key executives, and people from the community see that this company is solid, secure, and “high-tech”.

Some of my customers have told me that although optimum function is a must, the appearance of functionality and security is also a must. At Page Concepts, Inc., we do everything we can to give our customers the “look” they want, carefully analyzing each client’s specific needs before submitting a few sketches. This we do at no cost or obligation and you will find our selling price to be no higher than any other, and our installation cost to be less.

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